(Speakers, days and times subject to change)

MAIN TALKS FOR CCL CONVENTION 2002 -- 23-26 June, 2002

8:45  am  Dave Norton & William Sockey 8:45 am  Phil Lenahan 9:00 am  Greg Popcak
  "Vision Statement"   "Stewardship and Family"   "Fathering the Family"
9:55 am  Sheila Kippley 9:55 am Bishop Karl Josef Romer 10:00 am Bill Corey
  "Mothering"   (Topic not yet available)   "Reflections of 21 Years"
10:55 am  Kimberly Hahn 10:55 am Gery Bradley 11:00 am Break-Mass Preparation
  "Live-Giving Love & the Eucharist"   "Family, NFP and Society"   Gather the Children
12:00 -- 2:30 pm Noon Mass & Protestant Service & Lunch* 12:00 -- 2:30 pm Noon Mass & Protestant Service & Lunch 11:30 am Closing Mass
          Archbishop Eusebius Beltran,
2:30 pm Workshops A 2:30 pm Workshops C   Archbishop of OKC
3:30 pm Opening Mass 3:40 pm  Workshops B 3:40 pm Workshops D After Mass LUNCH
Archbishop Eusebius Beltran            
Archbishop of OKC 4:45 pm John Kippley 4:45 pm Fr James Sullivan    
  "Providence & Providentialism"   "Family and Vocations"    
7:30 pm Welcome & Opening 7:30 pm Exposition & Benediction 7:30 pm Exposition & Benediction    
Keynote Address: Rev Dr Robert McDonald: "Marriage and Holiness"          

*  Mass will be the same time as the first lunch shift.  You can go to this Mass, or the Protestant Service, then still have time for lunch (the second shift).   If your children are starving, you can eat lunch first, then possibly make a Mass later in the afternoon.