Convention 2002 Video Highlights

We took a lot of photographs and video at this year's Couple to Couple League, Int. convention.  We have combined the material into a 31 minute video that is now available.  The Convention Highlights DVD also has "extra feature" slide shows with all photos taken during the convention.

We also took video of Rev Dr Bob McDonald's keynote speech.  It got rave reviews on the feedback forms.  This video is also available.

Videos available:

Keynote Speech -- Rev Dr Bob MacDonald 
Convention Highlights Video -- Gives you a great idea of the power, fun, and spiritual renewal available by attending a CCL convention.

Formats available:


DVD Format:  Plays on a standard DVD player hooked to your TV.  Also, most new personal computers now come with a DVD/CD reader that will play DVD movies.  
Special Features:  The Convention Hightlights DVD also contains a "special features" section that has slide shows containing all the photos taken at the convention.   If you don't have a DVD player yet, now might be a good time -- you can purchase them for under $100.00.   
NTSC or PAL:  DVDs will be available in either NTSC (U.S. video standard), or PAL (Europe video standard).

VHS Tape:

VHS Format:  Will contain the video only.   Only available in NTSC (U.S. standard)

Computer CDs:

CD Format:  If you don't have a DVD player, but do have a PC, you can get the video on computer CD format.  The video quality is not quite as high as that on the DVD -- it's about  the same as a VHS tape.  
CD #1:  Has the Convention Highlights video.  
CD #2:  Has all the Convention 2002  pictures (including the high resolution originals)

*DVD writeable technology is fairly new.  These DVDs may not play on some of the older, original DVD players.  Most players handle them fine.  If you order a DVD and it will not work, we'll either exchange it for a tape, or refund your money -- your choice.

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