Workshop Speakers and Schedule

(Speakers, days and times subject to change)

2:30 to 3:20pm
3:40 to 4:30 pm
2:30 to 3:20 pm
3:40 TO 4:30 PM
A1 John Kippley B1 Tim Sullivan C1 Greg Popcak D1 John Kippley
"Repentant Sterilized Couples"   "Working With Family Life Offices"   "Parenting With Grace, What Makes Catholic Parents Different"   "Contraceptive Mentality / Not with NFP
A2 David Prentis B2 Sheila Kippley C2 Erick Carrero D2 Erick Carrero
"Reaching Medical Community"   "Return of Fertility Breastfeeding Charts"   "Promoting a Spanish Program in Your Parish"   "Teaching Couples with Limited Education"
A3 Phil Lenahan B3 Phil Lenahan C3 Gerry Bradley D3 Greg Popcak
"Getting Out of Debt"   "Budgeting/College Cost Preparation"   "Higher Education NFP in Colleges"   "Four Secrets of an Incredible Christian Marriage"
A4 Doug Touchet B4 Gerry Bradley C4 Mark Hayden D4 Pat Homan
"Chapter Development" Part 1   "Homosexual Issues, Same Sex Marriages"   "International Relations/UN"   "Aging Parents and Their Care"
A5 Marilyn Shannon B5 Susan Lepak C5 William Corey D5 Rev Paul Zahler OSB
"Four Common Causes of Cycle Irregularities"   "Post Abortion Trauma & NFP"   "Difficult Charts"   "Teaching Learning Disabled Children"
A6 John DuMont B6 John DuMont C6 Lisa Popcak D6 Marilyn Shannon
"Recertification for Teachers" Part 1   "Recertification for Teachers" Part 2   "The Corporal Works of Mommy, Celebrating Life in the Domestic Church"   "Nutrition For a Healthy Pregnancy"
A7 William Corey B7 Fr Randy Moreau C7 Doug Touchet D7 Lisa Popcak
"Difficult Charts"   "Cohabitation and Marriage Prep" Part 1   "Chapter Development" Part 2   "The Corporal Works of Mommy, Celebrating Life in the Domestic Church"
A8 Colleen Hammond B8 Julie Skokna C8 Vicki Braun D8 Fr Randy Moreau
"Basic NFP Promotion"   "NFP & the Internet"   "Preparing  for Menopause"   "Cohabitation and Marriage Prep" Part 2
A9 Fr James Sullivan B9 Pat Homan C9 John & Penny Harrison D9 William Sockey
"Going to Confession as a Family"   "Aging Parents and Their Care"   "Crossing the Cultural Divide -- Communicating the NFP Message to Minority Communities   "Field Director Project"
A10 Eric Sheidler B10 Fr James Sullivan C10 Fr Lowell Stiefermann D10 Fr Lawrence Staysczen
"Theology of the Body"   "Going to Confession as a Family"   "Vocations"   "St Gregory University"
A11 Kimberly Hahn B11 Kimberly Hahn        
"Pregnancy Loss"   "Answering Common Objections to Church Teachings"