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Q. Why should I have my wedding day professionally videotaped?

A. Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime experience. After months of careful planning to make your celebration perfect, your emotions will fly by in a heartbeat - laughter shared with friends and family as you prepare for your ceremony, eager anticipation as you walk down the aisle, tears of joy as you say your vows, a loving caress in your first dance, the fun and excitement of your reception. These moments are full of sights, sounds, and motion! And these memories are what are left after your wedding day is over. As professional wedding videographers, we capture emotions as only a moving picture can and preserve them for you to enjoy over and over again and to pass down to future generations.

Q. How should I choose a professional wedding videographer?

A. Hiring the right videographer does make a difference. There are no retakes in a live event. It must be done right the first time. Choose a wedding videographer who is accomplished and dedicated to outstanding service.  We'd recommend never filming an important event with only a single camera.  Two synchronized cameras can get all the action and good film editing can ensure the best angle is used.  Low light cameras that capture crystal clear images in a church or reception hall without additional lighting are a must.  You don't want camera mounted lights blaring in everyone's face.  And don't forget the sound.  With a quality wireless microphone on the groom, you'll hear the wedding vows clearly on your DVD. 

Q. Why should I choose your company to videotape my wedding?

A. By having us videotape your wedding, you get the exceptional benefits of experienced professional wedding videographers: a creative eye with the ability to capture flattering angles and compose terrific shots, the skill to anticipate important moments and ensure that emotional moments are captured forever, plus you get professional cameras, professional microphones, professional editing equipment to give you the outstanding picture quality and great sound that your wedding day deserves.   Your video memories are provided on professionally authored DVDs with Dolby Digital sound.

Q. Will I watch my video more than once?

A. Our clients tell us they watch their videos over and over again. We're creating a movie of your wedding day that is fun and exciting to relive. You'll love sharing your video with family and friends. And most importantly, you'll have a permanent record of an amazing moment in time that will be passed down for generations to come.

Q. What do I need to do to hire you as my wedding videographer?

A. Simply give us a call.  We require a $200 booking fee (non-refundable) to reserve the day.

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