We captured all of the Couple to Couple League Int. 2002, Convention talks from tape, and have them in digital format (MP3) for your listening pleasure.  


Reflections of 21 Years -- Bill Corey & David Prentice  (time:  48:50,  8587KB)

Homily -- Archbishop Eusebius Beltran  (time: 18:15,  3210K)

Talk -- Bishop Karl Josef Romer   (time:  26:14,  4614KB)

Family and Vocations -- Fr. James Sullivan   (time: 55:17,  9727KB)

Family, NFP, and Society -- Gerry Bradley  (time:  45:41, 8032KB)

Fathering the Family -- Greg Popcak   (time: 51:21,  9028KB)

Providence & Providentialism -- John Kippley  (time:  45:23,  7981KB)

Life Giving Love and the Eucharist -- Kimberly Hahn  (time:  43:42,  7683KB)

Stewardship and Family -- Phil Lenahan  (time: 36:03,  6340KB)

Four Secrets of an Incredible Christian Marriage  -- Greg Popcak  (time: 45:02,  7926KB)

Marriage & Holiness -- Rev Dr Bob MacDonald  (time: 45:20,  8059KB)

Mothering -- Sheila Kippley   (time:  36:06,  6349KB)

CCL Vision Statement  --  Bill Sockey & Dave Norton  (time: 37:25,  6580KB)


    • 1.  Most computers have software built in that will play these files (e.g., Windows Media Player, Quicktime, MusicMatch Jukebox, etc.).  If your computer will not play the files, contact your local "PC expert" or store for assistance.
    • 2.  Some of talks will have a few seconds missing near the last part of the talk.  This missing material is where the recording tape was being turned over.
    • 3.  The Gerry Bradley talk ends a little before he is finished.  The first side of the tape ended, and there was nothing on the second side of the tape.   Probably someone forgot to turn over the tape while recording.

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