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Infants-2 year olds are expected to stay with their parents.  This is consistent with the CCL philosophy of mother/child closeness.  These children will remain with their parents throughout the convention.

To help parents of vocal babies and active toddlers, a “play room” will be located near the main talks with an audio feed of the main speakers.  This room will also contain a changing area.


3-6 year olds will be the special guests of Fr. Paul Zahler, O.S.B., Ph.D. and his Early Child Development Center.  In his work with children Fr. Zahler emphasizes the benefits of a variety of activities in a child’s development.  Our children will enjoy many of these; including:  swimming, horseback riding (highly assisted, of course), and group sports and games.

Fr. Zahler joined the order of St. Benedict in 1955.  He has been working with children with disabilities and their families for the past three decades.  He is the founder and director of Early Childhood Development Center, Shawnee, OK, and the National Institute on Developmental Delays. (photo of younger child area)


7-12 year olds will experience our Oklahoma heritage while learning about the men and women who built the missions, towns, and parishes that became our great state, and the saints who inspired many of them. This exciting program will consist of: western heritage activities, group sports and games, music, art, guest speakers, and guided tours of the Maybee Gerrer Museum.  For the 10-12 year olds, the S.G.U. Low Ropes Challenge will provide first hand experience in the importance of teamwork in the taming of the wild -west. 


13-18 year olds will enjoy the use of the brand new S.G.U. student center and the wit and wisdom of Fr. Bernard Gorges, Founder and President of TOTUS TUUS.  Fr. Gorges’ summer catechetical program began in Girard, KS in 1987, and has grown to four summer camps yearly since 1997.  He is currently, Pastor of Holy Name church in Winfield, KS.

 Our emphasis will be on our role in making our families holy.  Holy Mass, Penance, guest speakers, the S.G.U. Low Ropes Challenge, guided tours of the Maybee Gerrer Museum, and sports and recreation activities will provide opportunities for our teens to grow spiritually while having fun, and getting acquainted with other teens from across the nation.     



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