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CCL Convention 2002 - Holy Families

General Information and Registration Instructions

Registration Overview        

  1. Read these registration instructions.
  2. Either download and print a registration form (Note:  In Adobe Acrobat choose the "Print as Image" option), or obtain one from:           
    Tom & Beth Parks
    1200 West Cottonwood St
    Rogers, AR  72758
  3. Complete and mail registration form by May 1, 2002 to receive discount for full convention. Include a check for at least the amount of registration and child care (less discount).
  4. CCL2002 will send confirmation within 4 weeks
  5. Sign in Sunday 6/23 12 Noon to 8PM, Monday 6/24 8AM to 11AM (after this at CCL display booth)

Please read this carefully before completing your Registration Form. This registration is a must for everyone. Registration forms and partial fees must be postmarked on or before May 29. We will confirm your reservation by mail (or email). There is a discount for full-convention registration forms postmarked by May 1, 2002.  Day Registration (those attending talks and workshops but staying and eating off campus) will remain open until Monday noon, 24 June 2002.

Children at the Convention -- Child Care Registration is now closed

Every effort is being made to make the 2002 Convention as enjoyable for children as for their parents. Their happiness and safety are our first concern (photo of younger child area). The activities will be varied and supervised. As usual, children under age three will stay with their parents during the talks and workshops. For young ones who get restless, there will be a romp 'n play room available with an audio feed from the main talks. All children, including teens, must be with their parents or in child care throughout the convention. Strollers cannot be used inside the buildings - there simply isn't room for their safe use. This is especially true for the dining rooms and workshop rooms. No colored drinks are allowed in carpeted areas on the campus.

Convention Site

Saint Gregory's University is an outstanding facility for our convention. It is easy to locate and about 3 miles from interstate Exit # 185 of I-40 in Central Oklahoma (maps). Saint Gregory's University (SGU) has about 200 dormitory rooms, with overflow going to Oklahoma Baptist University (OBU) 1 miles away. SGU also has a gymnasium with a pool, an exercise room, and more (pool open to convention-goers for two evenings, otherwise fee for gym use). There is plenty of convenient parking close to the rooms, all rooms are air-conditioned, and laundry facilities are available. A map of the campus will be given to you at check-in.

Housing  -- Housing Registration is now closed

Dormitory rooms with two single-size beds will be available on the campuses of SGU and OBU. The cost for rooms at either facility are the same. Linen packages will be available that contain two flat sheets, a bath towel and a washcloth. Some dorms have one bathroom shared by two rooms, others have a large multi-stall, multi-shower men's bathroom and women's bathroom on each floor. You will need to bring your own pillows, pillowcases, and blankets. Those sleeping on the tile floor need their own bedding. You can bring your own phone and cord to get an extension on the SGU phone system (if you stay in an SGU dorm). To which campus will you be assigned? We cannot know until check-in time. Early registration and early arrival makes SGU more likely. Also, there will be no shuttle service between campuses, so those who arrive by air will be given SGU preference.

SGU is offering a food package for your maximum convenience. There will be two cafeterias serving dinner Sunday; breakfast, lunch, and dinner Monday and Tuesday; and breakfast and lunch Wednesday. Please note: If you register for the Food Package, it is for the ENTIRE convention, not for selected days. Higher-cost single meals may or may not be available.

For information about nearby restaurants, motels, or camping sites, see the enclosed Visitor's Guide.  (or see: 


Daily Worship

Both Mass and Protestant services will be held daily during the Convention. Masses are currently scheduled at 7:30 AM and Noon. There is also a 5:00 PM. daily Mass at St Gregory's Abbey Church (on the East side of the University Campus). Complete information on the worship services will be available at Convention check-in.

Convention Attire

For those who haven't attended a CCL convention before, the dress code is definitely casual and comfortable, but modest attire is requested. Modest attire seeks to conceal rather than reveal. In practical terms, this would mean loose-fitting garments of sufficient lengths. If joining the prayers or Mass at the abbey church, please ensure such modest dress.

Tips for Success

Be sure to drink plenty of water in this hot climate. The linen packs have two flat sheets, a bath towel, and a washcloth. Bring pillows and pillowcases for all. Bring extra towels for the pool or those without linen packs. Bring sun screen. Remember that most of the people working the convention are paying for the opportunity to provide you the best convention ever. Even those that are paid staff are making significant sacrifices for the conference. Expect a glitch or two, and please remember to say thank you.

Check-in Procedure

When you first arrive at the St. Gregory's, please follow the signs to the dorms in the Northwest corner of the campus. Please bring your confirmation notice and a ready checkbook. (Confirmation notice is optional, but helpful. You should have received confirmation 3-6 weeks after registration.) You will receive a Convention Packet at the check-in containing a program booklet, name tags, evaluation form, tape order form, and visitor information. Registration will be available Sunday (6/23) 12 Noon to 8PM, and Monday (6/24) 8AM to 11AM.

Registration Instructions

Air Travel

If flying in to the Will Rogers World Airport, and not getting a rental car, please write Yes next to "need transportation to ...". If known, enter your flight number and arrival time at bottom of the form. The transportation committee will contact you.


Please list your workshop preferences for each time period using the workshop session number found on the agenda. Enter X if not attending. Please choose only one workshop during each session (i.e., A2; B6, C1, and D4). Spouses may attend the same or separate workshop sessions. This is not a binding decision, but helps the committee schedule the workshop rooms. (Speakers and titles are subject to change.)

Registration Fees

The full registration fee is $95 for a family, $60 for an individual. Single-day registration is $35 for a family, $25 for an individual. Please include the entire registration fee in the check sent with the form.

Dormitory Fees  -- Housing Registration is now closed

First, determine how many rooms you will need. Each room can hold four people: two in beds and two on the floor. The first one or two people in a room are each charged $11 for each night and $10 for a single linen package for the entire stay. Extra linen packages are available for $10 each. See table below for typical dorm charges.

People Rooms Beds Nights Room/ Beds $ Reqd Linen Pkgs Linen $ Total Lodging Fee $

Everyone Gets a Bed Planner

1 1 1 3 $33 1 $10 $43
2 1 2 3 $66 2 $20 $86
3 2 3 3 $99 3 $30 $129
4 2 4 3 $132 4 $40 $172
5 3 5 3 $165 5 $50 $215
6 3 6 3 $198 6 $60 $258
Least Expensive Planner
3 1 2 3 $66 2 $20 $86
4 1 2 3 $66 2 $20 $86
5 2 3 3 $99 3 $30 $129
6 2 4 3 $132 4 $40 $172
7 2 4 3 $132 4 $40 $172
8 2 4 3 $132 4 $40 $172
9 3 5 3 $165 5 $50 $215
10 3 6 3 $198 6 $60 $258


Child Care Fees -- Child Care Registration is now closed

Every child will be in child care or with a parent. Child care costs $20 per child up to $80 maximum. The entire child care fee needs to be included in the payment sent with the form. Be sure your children are listed with their age as of June, 2002.

Meal Fees -- Food Package Registration is now closed

Cost for the SGU Food Package is $60 for people six and older, free for children five and under.

Scholarship Fund 

There is a place on the Registration Form for any donations to the Convention Scholarship Fund. Some CCLI families need financial assistance to attend the convention. If you are able to partially fund another family's attendance, please use this part of the Registration Form to make a donation.


Take the $20 discount if you are registering for the full convention and send it postmarked by May 1, 2002.

Amount Paid

This is at least the sum of the registration fee and the child-care fee. $30 of your pre-payment is non-refundable. If your finances permit, please include the total fee as this speeds check-in and assists the committee with the pre-convention expenses. Make checks out to "CCL 2002".


You should receive confirmation 3-6 weeks after you register. This will include an emergency telephone number at SGU.



Registration Form (.pdf format) (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)     



Copyright 2002, Couple to Couple League International. All rights reserved.
Revised: January 2002